Do you feel frustration when navigating in editor scene ?

Digicrafts Scene Navigator Pro is a plugin whcih add the necessary hotkeys and toolbar for navigating the editor scene. This greatly increase productivity when you editing a large scene.

Some highlighted features:

  • Zero Setup, import and use
  • Add hotkeys for scene navigation
  • View rotation/zoom
  • Front/bottom/top/left/right/back view switch
  • 2D/3D switch
  • Orthogonal/Perspective switch
  • Global and local transform mode
  • Scene Navigation toolbar
  • Zoom control UI
  • Customizable hotkeys

Now, we open source the Scene Navigator Pro. Hope to build a better scene navigation system within Unity. You can get the source code from github. Tell us if you have any idea or feature request.

Also, you can download from Unity Asset Store.

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