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ColorBox is a shader pack which alllow you to coloring your model without texture. You can define directional color from 6 directions and fills with solid color or gradient.

The shader pack included 3 shaders. ColorBoxBasic is a shader for coloring object. ColorBoxLite is same as ColorBoxBasic without lighting support. ColorBoxSkybox is a shader to add color/gradient to the background. In addition.

Highlighted ColorBoxBasic Shader Features

  • UV-Free
  • Unlit Shader
  • Solid, 2 colors and 3 colors gradient
  • Gradient in each side
  • Rotation of gradient fill
  • Full control on gradient position
  • Object, world and Screen space gradient
  • Base Texture
  • Custom Outline/Color
  • Receive/Cast Shadow
  • Receive Diffuse Light
  • Reveice Ambient Light
  • Lightmap Support
  • Specular Support

Highlighted ColorBoxSkybox Shader Features

  • Solid, 2 colors and 3 colors gradient
  • Rotation of gradient fill
  • Full control on gradient position
  • World or Screen space gradient

Other Features

  • All source code included
  • Support both Unity 3d personal and pro
  • Included working demo scene shown in screen shot.


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