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Easy Wireframe Grid is a shader package that display Grid wireframe with various effect. Textured wireframe and animated effect make it different from other wireframe shader in the market.

Easy Wireframe Grid is a shader effect. Displayed wireframe have no connection to the mesh wireframe data.

Highlighted Features

  • No DX11, work on mobile and WebGL
  • No need to use uv or barycentric information, work on any mesh
  • Pure shader effect, no scripting
  • Includes most common shader (Standard,Unlit,Mobile,Toon etc)
  • Variable grid size
  • Textured wireframe
  • Animated texture wireframe
  • Wireframe projector effect
  • Various mask and alpha effect
  • 2-sided wireframe
  • Skin and blend shape support
  • Runtime generated mesh support

WebGL Demo


  1. + Only SM 3.0+ supported
  2. + Use 6 to 10 Keywords

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