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Do you need virtual currency and In-App-Purcahse in your game?

✭✭ IAP Manager Pro is Simple and Easy ✭✭

IAP Manager Pro is a total solution for in-app purchase and game data management. It provides an easy way to manage the in-app purchase, virtual currencies, inventories, game level data and player properties in the game. With a powerful UI template system for displaying managed object data.

  • Simple workflow with prefab
  • Easy to use inspector
  • Codeless for basic setup
  • Multiple virtual currency
  • IAP with virtual currency/real money
  • Game level management
  • Inventory management
  • Ability/Powerup management
  • Flexible UI Template System
  • Work with Unity GUI (extend to nGUI in future)
  • Support different datastore type (PlayerPref, Simple file or Encrypted)
  • Auto fill product's information
  • Events Connector
  • Simple API with static class
  • Auto verify receipt in client side
  • Capture events for each purchase status.
  • Supports Apple, Google and Amazon App Store.
  • Support IAP 1.9.3+- Can use in Personal, Plus and Pro version
  • Support apple, google, amazon, samsung, tizen store
  • Full example included

** This product included IAP Manager, you can upgrade with special price.

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