HTML5/CSS3 Photo Gallery is a plug-ins for Adobe Lightroom which allow making instant gallery which cand view on modern desktop and mobile browser. No plugins is needed. Now photographers can make photo gallery which can view on billion of mobile device. With extremely "easy-to-use" interface, just a few click from the interface to create the portfolio instantly. 

Launch Live Demo

 (You can click the link about in iPhone/iPad/Android phone to test the auto layout function)

Seamless Suport for mobile browser
Photo Gallery is optimize to work with mobile browser in iOS device such as iPhone and iPad and Android devices. Also work will modern desktop browser such as Firefox, Chrome, IE8. No plugins needed.

Auto layout detection for mobile device
Photo Gallery support auto layout for iOS and Android device. The layout wil adjust when device orientation changed. The layout is optimzied for mobile screen resolution and touch control.

3D Slide Show
The gallery included slide show feature which allow the automatic slide show with 3D transition effect* such as 3D cube /3D swap transition. (* 3D transition only work on Safari browser in desktop, iPhone or iPad. Only 2D effect supported on other browsers.)

Muti-Touch Zoom
Photo Gallery build in feature to enlarge your image. Support muti-touch gesture zoom in IOS devices.

Support Deep Link
Build in deep link feature allows direct url to each photo. Increase user experience. And easy for distribution.

Social Feature
Photo Gallery build in support social feature. You can share your photo gallery in Facebook and Twitter.

Easy to Use
The gallery provide over 30+ parameters to customize your gallery. All changes can be preview in the WYSIWYG Live Preview Panel in Lightroom.

Customize with CSS
Beside custom the gallery within the Lightroom UI. You can also custom the gallery in your own way by CSS.

No Browser Plugin
This Photo Gallery is build with modern HTML technology in most modern browser. No Flash plugin is needed for view.

Easy to Install
The gallery comes with self-extract installer which copy the plug in into Lightroom automatically and create shortcut for help documents.

Direct Upload
Integrated FTP function made the gallery can directly connect and upload to your web server. Connection information also can save for other applications.

Support Lightroom 2.x, 3.x, 4.x
The plugin is compatible with Lightroom 2.x, 3.x, 4.x.


How can i get start with the plugin? 

Download User Guide 

How can i create categories?

 You can visit the guide "How to create categories for photos". 

  • Authoring environment:
    Photoshop Lightroom 2.0 or 3.0 or 4.x for authoring (Windows or Mac).

  • Client environment:
    Safari 4, FireFox 3.5 and Internet Explorer 8+ .

    iOS Safari on iPhone/iPad

    *3D Transition only support on Safari Browser