Tile 3D Gallery is a plug-ins for Adobe Lightroom which allow making instant gallery. Now photographers can make their own stylish 3D tile gallery without using Flash. With extremely "easy-to-use" interface, just a few click from the interface to create a gallery. And that's it!

Instant Gallery
You just need 1 mintue to convert your photo collection to 3d photo gallery with smooth transition, mirror, transparent effect.

CSS Style Sheet Support
User can customize the gallery for background color, styles, navigation menu, site title by css.

Live Preview
FotoFlow Gallery provide over 40+ parameters to customize your gallery. All changes can be preview in the WYSIWYG Live Preview Panel in Lightroom.

Slide Show
Photos can show in slideshow mode. Control buttons, slide interval can all be customized.

Full Screen Mode
User can switch the gallery to full screen or original size at anytime. Best for presentation or showcase your images.

Background Music
The gallery allow adding background music. Support mp3 format.

Allow download image or Links
The gallery support download full size image from gallery. Or, you can specify weblink for each photo.

Meta Data
Support include meta data in the gallery. You can display meta data as caption. Or include information about your site in the gallery.

Direct Upload
Integrated FTP function made the gallery can directly connect and upload to your web server. Connection information also can save for other applications.

Easy to Install - Tile 3D Gallery comes with self-extract installer which copy the plug in into Lightroom automatically and create shortcut for help documents.

Custom Control Bar Icon- The icon on the control bar are customizable. Simply replace the icon images file and the icon will changed.

Custom Background Image - The background is not limited to solid color. You can even place your favor image as background. Simply replace the background.jpg in the skin folder.

  • Authoring environment:
    Photoshop Lightroom 2.0 for authoring (Windows or Mac).

  • Client environment:
    Safari, FireFox and Internet Explorer with Flash Player 9 player.