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BannerRotator is a series of banner rotator Flash components with dedicated transition effect. You can show case your creativity with the dedicated 3D transition effect. All banner rotator included a stylish thumbnail navigation bar which allow user go thought each photo in your collection. With the easy-to-use inspector UI, you can config the banner rotator with a simple way. Also, each banner rotator come with a ready-to-use template (included html and swf) which simplify your workflow.

  • Driven by xml
  • 3D Cube transition effect
  • Customizable thumbnail bar
  • Customizable title bar
  • Title text supports html makeup (<a>,<font>…etc)
  • Auto slide show
  • User-friendly Inspector for customization
  • Full ActionScript API support
  • Ready-to-use template (html and swf included, no Flash needed, customize by xml and html)

Beside the user-friendly interface, the component provides a powerful API which allows developers to extend their creativity. The component includes methods and properties which control by ActionScript. Developers can customize the action when a user interacts with the component. By adding an event listener, the developer can assign an action to transition events, loading events, etc.



Package 1    ( single developer license $49.9 )

Package 2   ( single developer license $49.9 )




1.How to install the product?

 You can refer to the intallation guide here.

2.How to use and customize the component?

Here is a quick start guide for importing the component in your flash project. You can also visit the inspector guide for this product. 

3.How to use and customize the template?  

You can follow the quick start guide for rotator banner template for using the template.

4.What software do i need to using this product?

This product come with a Flash component which can use with Adobe Flash CS3+. And it is also come with a ready to use template files which contains html, swf and xml file. You can use the template without any additonal software i.e. no Flash is needed.  


  • Authoring environment:

    Flash Component: Adobe Flash CS 3, CS 4, CS 5 for authoring (Windows or Mac). Action Script 3.0 Project.

    Template: Text editor

  • Publishing environment:
    Flash Player 9+, ActionScript 3.0