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Menu 01 provides an animated rotation icons menu for your design. It works by RotationMenu CS technology and create smooth animation effect.

With the real time blur, alpha, mirror effect, and customizable speed, acceleration, you can create your unique rotation menu by simply entering parameter.

Other than the original RotationMenu CS function, it also interact with javascript event. All event listeners were defined in the extension. Developers only create the event functions and it will work.

Extremely Easy-to-Use

Adding the gallery in your web with few clicks. No script or programming skill is needed even a HTML code.

All features can be customize in the properties inspector. Ready for beginner!

Minimum Workflow Time

Save a lot of workflow time when use with Adobe PhotoShop. Galerie 01 supports build gallery from PhotoShop. Use the Export Web Gallery function in PhotoShop and use the gallery with Galerie 01.

Javascript Event support

Event Generator included in the Menu 01 Extension. Developer can simply defined their own function when the menu click, roll over, etc. All listener script are defined in the extension to minimize the workflow of developer.

Fully cumtomizable with Dreamweaver Interface

Other feature

  • Fully customize rotation menu
  • Prefect sliding animation effect
  • Touch scroll control
  • Setup menu by xml
  • Loading external images as item
  • User-defined item's data/parameters support (e.g. URL, description)
  • Customize blur, mirror, alpha effect
  • Customize alignment
  • Customize speed and acceleration
  • Compatible with Dreamweaver 8.02 and CS3
  • Authoring environment:
    Dreamweaver 8.02 or CS3 for authoring (Windows or Mac).

  • Publishing environment:
    Flash Player 9 for client