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FotoTunnel CS is powered by real-time 3D engine PaperVision3D. It allows building a tunnel like 3D photo album. You can navigate though the tunnel with mouse interaction with smooth animation.


You can design your tunnel with different kind of parameter. You can change the diameter of the tunnel, number of thumbnail in the tunnel, etc. Thousand of possible style can be achieved by vary combination of setting.


FotoTunnel CS is easy to setup. By using Photoshop, you can minimum the workflow time to creating the album. With WYSIWYG user interface, you can easily adjust and preview the setting in real time.


Highlighted Features


Rich setting for variable style



Minimum Workflow time
Save a lot of workflow time when use with Adobe PhotoShop. PhotoFLIP CS supports build gallery from PhotoShop. Use the Export Web Gallery function in PhotoShop and use the fallery with PhotoFLIP CS.




WYSIWYG User Interface
The new WYSIWYG user interface let you preview different settings in realtime.



Preset Manager
The new preset manager allow you to save the setting in to a preset file. You can reuse the preset file in different project.


Other features 

  • 3D Tunnel Style Ablum
  • No Action Script needed
  • Build album from Flickr and YouTube rss feeds (RSS 2.0)
  • Build album from Photoshop Exported Photo Gallery
  • Support external video (flv)
  • Animation Popup effect
  • Mouse scroll by wheel and drag
  • Control by external UI
  • Custom thumbnail's scale and dimensions
  • Custom tunnel dimensions and style
  • Custom number of thumbnails 
  • Custom thumbnail's distance
  • Skinable and customizable loader
  • Components Preset Manager
  • Full Action Script 3.0 API support
  • Flash CS3 compatible
  • Authoring environment:
    Adobe Flash CS 3, CS4 for authoring (Windows or Mac).
    Action Script 3.0 Project.

  • Publishing environment:
    Flash Player 9+, ActionScript 3.0