Easy Triplanar Pro

Easy Triplanar Pro

Easy Triplanar Pro is a shader package that project texture on object without UV map. Use these triplanar surface shaders in Unity to easily texture objects beautifully without the need for skinning/UV-maps.

Highlighted Features

  • No skin, UV map needed
  • Selectable 1, 2 or 3 main texture
  • Six projection direction
  • Support vertex color/alpha
  • Tint color
  • Custom strength of projection
  • World/Object UV space
  • Projector shaders (Unlit,Mobile,Toon)
  • PBR, Unlit, Toon shaders
  • Mobile ready shaders
  • Simple shader inspector

Included Shaders

  • Standard (No emission)
  • Standard Specular (No emission)
  • Mobile Diffuse
  • Mobile Diffuse Bump
  • Mobile Diffuse Bump Specular
  • Mobile Diffuse Bump Specular (One Directional light)
  • Unlit, Unlit Transparent
  • Toon with outline
  • Projector shaders
  • Unlit Projector
  • Toon Projector
  • Mobile Diffuse Projector
  • Mobile Diffuse Bump Projector
  • Mobile Diffuse Bump Specular Projector

Since there conatins veriants of shader, you may need to wait a few minutes when importing All scenes and model in screenshots are included

WebGL Demo

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