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A simple but special component for scrolling. This component utilized a special "touch" interaction experiences. It is extremely easy to use; just drag n drop and no Action Script needed. Fully customizable plus motion blur and erasing motion effect.

TouchScroller AS2 user can upgrade to CS version with only $14.9. You can login your account and check out the promotion section.

  • Touch scroll interaction
  • Easy to use and setup
  • No Action Script needed
  • Flexible scrollbar position
  • External Scrollbar and Slider as scrollcontrol
  • Motion blur effect
  • Erasing Motion effect
  • Customize scroll policy
  • Support scroll wheel
  • Support loading external swf, jpg and png
  • Support loading internal embed movie clip and picture
  • Build-in loader for loading external files
  • All interaction of the loaded content can preserved when touch scroll active 
  • Fully Action Script support

The component included a user friendly component inspector interface. This provided a WYSIWYG feature which allows user preview the setting in real time from Flash authoring interface. Furthermore, it also provided a preset manager which allow user to save their setting in a file and reuse in other project. 


(Right)This example show using TouchScroller as a scroll panel. The scroll is control by external buttons. Also, touch scroll and touch scroll snap is enabled.

(Bottom) This example show  ToucScroller combine with standard Slider component in flash. Touch scroll is enabled to easy touch and scroll. Also, a zoom button is added to control the zoom of the content.

  • Authoring environment:
    Adobe Flash CS 3, CS4 for authoring (Windows or Mac).
    Action Script 3.0 Project.
  • Publishing environment:
    Flash Player 9+, ActionScript 3.0